Jenny Marshall

Jenny has been a Therapist in Colorado Springs for over 19 years. She has always been interested in the human body and how it works, which lead her to emergency medicine and then massage therapy. She has a deep desire to help ease pain and promote wellness in all of her clients. She has experience in multiple types of therapies including Swedish, Trigger Point, Neuro-Muscular, Cupping, and Deep Tissue work. She graduated from the Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy in 1999 with a certification in Neuro-Muscular Therapy. From then she has worked with all types of clients ranging from the elderly to infants and everything in between. Jenny is excited to partner with her husband John and the team at Total Body Works to complete the wellness journeys of all clients that walk through the door. She also has joined the team as a personal trainer to benefit her clients even more off the table- for more info click here.


Jenny Marshall CNMT

Why Train With Us?

  • ARPwave Neuro-Therapy
  • Private or Group Sessions
  • Certified Personal Trainers
  • Over 20 Years of Experience
  • Performance Based Programs
  • Inertia Training for Performance