Fast Legs or Power Development- Which is it?

I run into this all the time…Johnny or Suzy needs faster legs, we have to get their legs moving faster! So the parent has them doing sprints until exhaustion; that in itself can actually slow ...
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Fun Ways to Break a Fitness Blues Rut

One of the most common ways to stay active is to enjoy what you are doing and make it fun, exciting and challenging. Colorado residents have an easy time of it with all the outdoor activities right in ...
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Who wants a desk job?

Lets face it…Desk jobs are wrecking your health and working out in a gym incorrectly can trash your shoulders, back and neck. Every year we see droves of desk jockeys enter the gym environment, ...
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Tips on how to keep your New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions- why they don’t work and helpful tips on finding a qualified Personal Trainer to assist you on your weight loss and general fitness goals. We all make resolutions every ...
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Why Should I Lift Weights?

There are multiple excuses as to why endurance athletes avoid strength training like the plague. They fear they may gain weight, or get injured, or lose speed. I have heard them all… I am a ...
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